About Us


We have been operating in printing and publishing sector since 1981. We make production with our prepress, press and post-press units in our integrated facility.

We produce all printing supplies such as books, notebooks, magazines, newspapers, agendas, calendars, catalogues, brochures, inserts, posters, maps, paper bags, labels, spiral products and etc. with our latest technology machines.

We are a leading company in our sector with our wide-range customer portfolio. We work with the most reputable advertising agencies, publishing houses, private-public institutions, professional chambers, trade unions and international organizations. Besides, we export our products and services.

Our main principle is high quality production and timely delivery. We bring together the latest technology and our professional managers and specialized employees and thus provide services meeting international standards.

We hold TSE (Turkish Standard Institute) certificate of service and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate.

With an effective management mentality and services we offered, our aim is to make you different in the sector.


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