Machine Park



Macintosh and PC Computers
Montage Full Equipment
Bacher 3086 Template Machine
Machine,Glunz&Jensen Template Wash Machine
Heidelberg Template Reader


Trade Printing Type Color Speed in Hour Size
Goss Community SSC Goss Community SSC 8 25.000 58 Cutting
Heidelberg SM 102 Ofset/Layer 4 15.000 72×102
Man Roland 702 3B Ofset/Layer 2 15.000 72×102


Stahlfolder  Glue Based Folding Machine 70 x 100
115 Polar – Memory Programmed Knife
Busch Full Automatic Shaped Cutting Machine
Busch Full Automatic Banding Machine
Wohlenberg Golf 370, Automatic Binding Line, 16 Station Desiccation Line, Triple Edge Knife
Harris Mixture Robot 8 Units+Cover+Triple Edge Knife, Straight and Omega Wire Sewing Binding Line
Muller Martini Automatic Thread Sewing Machine
SA 520 Automatic Spiral Binding Machine
SA 151 Automatic Paper Drilling Machine
SA 600 Automatic Spiral Wire Wring Machine
Cellophane Machine
Manual Wire Sewing Machine
Birds Eyeleteer Machine
40×60 Shrink Wrapping Machine
80×48 Shrink Wrapping Machine
Konik and Perfore Machine
Pulse Punch Machine
Zımba Machine
Kambura Machine

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